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Tsasala Cultural Group
We are happy to announce that our summer dance performances for 2024 will resume @ the 'Na̱mg̱is Big House, starting Saturday July 6 2024. Scroll down to purchase your tickets now or click the 'about us' button below for more information. G̱ilakas'la!
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When you support the T̓sasała Cultural Group, you're uplifting Kwakwa̱ka̱'wakw youth, families, and elders alike. Your generosity enables us to foster connections and facilitate learning and the sharing of knowledge to the younger generation. Donations play a pivotal role in covering our travel expenses as we journey to other communities for cultural exchanges and cultural sharing. Additionally, your contributions directly support our youth by providing additional funds as they strive for their goals. By standing with us, you're investing in the preservation and empowerment of our vibrant culture for generations to come.

G̱ilakas'la - Thank you

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